In 2015, the U.S. government began auctioning off UH-60A Black Hawk helicopters to the public. It’s expected that 400 to 800 UH-60A helicopters will enter the market in the next 10 years and buyers seeking a medium lift military helicopter will have better price, availability, upgrade and support options in these Black Hawks.

With over 10 years of Black Hawk experience, Skycore Aviation, has modified, operated, maintained and trained on UH-60s. We are excited for the development of this new market and delivering the following benefits to our customers.

Lower Purchase Price for a Black Hawk

The increased supply of UH-60s gives buyers the opportunity to purchase used Black Hawks at a much lower price than prices currently offered for new Black Hawks. Skycore recently reset three UH-60s and is offering them at 1/5 the price of a new Black Hawk. Reduced purchase prices make Black Hawks affordable to a wider audience and enables existing owners to increase their existing fleet size.

Black Hawk

Skycore reset UH-60A Black Hawk for sale.

New Purchasing Options

As more UH-60s enter the commercial market, buyers will have a greater selection of suppliers to purchase aircraft. Foreign governments and customers will see a significant benefit since they are no longer limited to purchasing Black Hawks through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) or directly from the OEM. There are now multiple companies selling Black Hawks allowing buyers the ability to negotiate more favorable terms.

Greater Modification Choices

Companies like Skycore offer modification choices and solutions. For instance, buyers will be able to choose numerous suites of commercial avionics which can be integrated into their aircraft. Buyers will also be able to more easily customize their aircraft to meet their mission requirements.


Skycore UH-60A in flight

Faster Delivery

The lead time for a new Blackhawk can be long, sometimes years, but now a buyer can purchase a UH-60A for nearly immediate delivery. While foreign buyers still have to obtain U.S. government export approval and completing customized modifications may take time, the overall delivery timeline is much faster.

Better Aftermarket Support

As the UH-60 market matures, companies providing support solutions will continue to grow in size and variety. A few companies, similar to Skycore, already offer aftermarket services; such as training, maintenance, parts and operational assistance. Competition will force innovation and create more aftermarket solutions in the years to come and we are ready to deliver.

Skycore Aviation is an international helicopter personnel services and UH-60A Black Hawk provider ( that provides customers with fast delivery of reset UH-60A Black Hawk helicopters at a low cost, with complete customization and integrated long term support.

Our knowledge and experience enable Skycore to provide personnel and turnkey solutions for helicopter programs tailored to meet our customer’s operations, maintenance and training needs.  To stay atop of the rotary wing industry, follow us on TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook.