Black Hawk Solutions

The US Army began decommissioning UH-60A Blackhawks in 2015. These aircraft are in flyable condition. Skycore procures these UH-60As and conducts complete phase inspections (PMI 1 and PMI 2) in accordance with the US Army and Sikorsky technical manuals. Skycore ensures that the aircraft are fully functional, have acceptable component life expectancy and then paints the interior and exterior to your specifications. During the aircraft inspections and refit, the aircraft can be upgraded with your desired communication, navigation and mission equipment before being shipped to the customer.

Aircraft Sourcing and Reset

  • Immediately available UH-60A inventory
  • Phase Maintenance Inspections (PMI 1 & PMI2)

Upgrades and Modifications

  • Modified to customer specifications:
    • Avionics
    • Mission equipment
    • Power enhancement
    • Paint

Support Training and Parts

  • Training program for aircrew & maintenance personnel
  • Ground Support Equipment procurement
  • Continuous parts support

A Skycore reset UH-60A Blackhawk