What We've Done

Helicopters prepositioned at customer airbase to support the  upcoming missions. The S‐434, the S‐70i Blackhawk and the S‐92 helicopters are crewed by Skycore instructors and host country crews.

Turnkey Solutions

  • Managed a 5-year program providing aircrew, technician and logistics training and performing maintenance and operational missions for a fleet of 26 S-92, S-434 and S-70i helicopters
  • Executed a 3-year program managing a depot level power enhancement upgrade of S-70A helicopters
  • Coordinated and completed a 4-year UH-60M aircrew and technician qualification training program for special operations forces

Personnel Services

  • Aircrews for cross country UH-60 helicopter ferry flights
  • Technical teams to OEMs to perform service bulletin maintenance for S-76 and S-92
  • Maintenance teams to supplement OEMs in performing S-92 modifications
  • Subject matter experts to support the acquisition of UH-60 Blackhawks
  • Maintenance teams to perform UH-60 phase maintenance inspections
  • Instructor pilot trains basic and emergency procedures to Southeast Asia pilots in the UH-1H
  • Maintenance support team to perform scheduled maintenance and modifications on S-92s in the Balkans and Asia
  • Helicopter captains and second-in-command pilots fly Bell 412s for offshore oil and gas
  • Technicians provide UH-60, S-434, S-70i and S-92 maintenance
  • S-92 instructor pilots for flight operations and maintenance training in the Middle East
  • UH-60M instructor pilots, maintenance test pilots and flight instructors to Middle East governments

A Skycore standardization instruction pilot briefs customer aircrews.

A Skycore instructor pilot and a crew chief conduct prestart checks in the S70i with a host nation pilot.

Flight Operations

  • Aircrews: military/civilian pilots, instructor pilots, maintenance test pilots with FAA CFI, CFII, ATP and NVC certifications; military standardization instructors and flight instructor/engineers
  • Maintenance: military/civilian production control, quality assurance, mechanics, avionics/electrical technicians with FAA A&P, FCC and NDI certifications
  • Logistics: US military supply procedure specialists integrated into the host nation unit to depot level supply system
  • Conditions: day, night, instrument, NVG
  • Environments: urban, desert, mountain, water, jungle
  • Missions: training, fire-fighting, search and rescue, medical evacuation, VVIP movements, troop transport, logistics support, law enforcement, parachute drops, insertions/extractions, special operations and surveillance operations on a 24/7/365 basis
  • Logistics: split base operations with multiple aircraft types
  • Planning: training, mission, deployment/redeployment
  • Maintenance: fleet management (scheduled and unscheduled), aircraft configuration

Maintenance & Modifications

  • Maintained an average operational readiness rate of 87% for the S-92 and UH-60 over a four year period
  • Provided UH-60A/L/M, S-92 and S-70i field level maintenance for split base operations
  • Deployed global maintenance contact teams for phase maintenance inspections and aircraft service bulletins
  • Installed UH-60 A to L engine power enhancement conversion kits, automated flight control computer (AFCC) upgrade kits, sealed lead acid battery (SLAB) kits and improved engine cowling bracket kits
  • Provided modification teams: tail rotor pylon, rotor ice protection systems, sea state 6 systems, engine power enhancement MWO, CDU-7000 comm/nav installation

A Skycore A&P mechanic conducting field level maintenance on a UH-60A Blackhawk.

A Skycore and host nation S-92 aircrew conduct rappel training.


  • Over 150 pilots and 81 aircrew members trained
  • Mission planning and mission equipment training
  • Recurrency with enhanced emergency procedures training for UH-1H pilot
  • Initial qualification differences and currency helicopter training
  • Over 140 maintenance personnel trained
  • Formal and informal on-the-job training
  • Field level supervisor and technician training in host nation
  • Logistic supply specialist training from unit to sustainment level